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    Jul 29, 2007
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    I'm a long-time-lurker-short-time-poster, and I've been busy lately making a new website for people like you guys. It was officially completed on Friday (27th), and I'm currently just trying to get the service known to the public :)

    It's called Bare Choons ( The main advantage of Bare Choons is that it's based around the production of music. Nothing new you might think? But the difference is that you can upload as much as your music as you like onto our site - allowing you to have place to freely distribute your music while at the same time interacting with the community. Hopefully, if Bare Choons does get bigger, it'll be the ideal resource for any Electronic music producer - full of tutorials, free samples, news, etc, etc (which is why i'm trying to make it big!)

    Anyway, check it out - upload some music. So long as it's your own music, you won't have to carry on uploading to rapidshare (or whatever it is you guys use).

    Hope to see some of you guys on there soon!