new releases/promos 17 feb 2009 + dj top tens

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    DJ Top Tens

    Over the next few months we will be adding many new features to the Nu Urban Site, the first of which is the latest Top Ten charts from some of the biggest DJs and Producers in the scene. To kick off with we are featuring:

    Cabbie, D*Minds, DJ Pleasure, Escape, Kenny Ken, Majistrate, Milan, Miss Represent, Ray Keith, Serial Killaz

    New Releases

    The Prodigy - Invaderz Must Die (Chase & Status Remix) / Omen (Noisia Remix) [HOSPT02]

    C.A.B.L.E. - Alternative / Significant Other [ADVR033]

    Various Artists - Big Bad & Heavy Part 3 [BBH004]
    A. Fire Fox and D Product - Kops and Robbers
    B. Darkotic and Interface - Typhoon
    C. Jayline - Far Cry
    D. Critycal - Silence

    Future Prophecies Vs Camo & Krooked - Blackmail / No Nerds N [BEZ005]

    Future Signal - Kill Switch / Existance [C2D004]

    Heist - Dusty Bin / Book Em [CALYPSO011]

    Proxima - Vital Signs / Mindmapper - Tricky Tripod [CYLONUK003]

    Rudenko - Everybody (Danny Byrd Remixes) [DATA213P2]

    Killa Hurt - One Finger Technique / Colligula [FRONT094]

    Callide - Slow Motion / In My Own Space [RB005]

    Goldstar Vs Dr Evil - Husslin [SECRETSERVICE001]


    Damage Inc - Overload / Homework [ADVR034P]

    Various Artists - Quarks EP [APORN005P]

    Steppa & Kitcha - The Business / Come Down [CALYPSO012P]

    Don Goliath - Bassfest Series Volume Two [DDR12002P]

    Enei - Theorem / Hold Your Love [DEEP-002P]

    Mikal - Great Escape (Heist Remix) / Great Escape [MIKAL001P]

    Cabbie - The Sword / DJ Origin - Dark Power [NAM008P]

    Top Cat - Sweetest Thing (Benny Page & Marcus Visionary Remix) [STREETLIFE001P]

    all releases/promos available from all good record shops or online now @