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    The "Good Vibe Music" keeps rolling in the store with regular releases
    scheduled every Monday and our sneaky exclusives dropping on occasional
    Fridays. Keep em peeled:

    Incoming tunes this month from store favourites Fokuz, Celsius, Influenza
    Media, IM:LTD and Diskool records. The word is obviously still spreading
    and more and more labels are sigining up to the Storejam project. New
    labels releasing this month include BNC Express, Antillectual Beats, Peer
    Pressure, luvdisaster records and Citrus recordings so expect all new angles
    of musical loveliness.

    This month is also a good month for the Storejam exclusives as our roster of
    dj's step up with some serious sounds. We also have some Storejam label
    debuts in waiting so look out.

    The biggest news storewise is the addition of PAYPAL payment functionality
    which will work alongside the existing Barclaycard system and ensure that
    music is available to all of you wherever you may be in the world.

    The storejam merchandise has the winter clothing range in production right now and will be available to buy soon at
    the usual ridiculously low Storejam prices. Were not in the business of
    rinsing customers that wish to show us their support by wearing our

    Thats it for this month! Thanks for your continued support.

    Team Storejam