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    Hey, well Piers Tronik is definitely in India now so I'm handling all things drum & bass wise over the next couple of weeks so bear with me! Not huge amounts on the release front this week but some quality none the less including promo's from D*Minds (who smashed Repeater apart the other week) on a deep modern jungle tip, Survival & Silent Witness, A.M.C. on Cold Blooded plus the full release of Ed Solo & Deekline's 'Under Mi Sensi' / 'Ghost Town' bootleg remix 12" on Wildlife as well as Benny Page's new reggae/d&b 12" killer featuring the vocal talents of Topcat.

    Some decent events in the pipeline too. For the deeper heads we've got Soul:R main man Marcus Intalex coming down to Repeater Sessions on Sat 3rd September plus we've got a massive main room party on Wed 5th October with Ram head honcho Andy C, reggae legend David Rodigan & Hospital / Ram artist Cyantific all in attendance, limited early bird tickets now on sale for only £6! See you soon, Mike


    Nocturnal & Hybris - Pyramids - Revolution Recordings
    Ed Solo & Deekline - Sensi - Jungle Cakes
    Harvest - Blessed / End Is Nigh - Co-Lab
    Benny Page Feat. Topcat - Sound Fi Dead / You've Been Boastin - High Culture
    Dijeyow - Pumpking / Isaac Maya Feat. Wayne Smith - Sleng Teng - Other
    Command Strange - Time For Miracles / The First The Last My Everything - Stage 2


    A.M.C - Time / Elektron - Cold Blooded Recordings
    Survival & Silent Witness / Survival - Anty / Ever Clear - Dispatch
    D Minds - Subcrate / Stone River - Modulations
    Sato - Glide / Detroit Lies Bleeding (Phobia Remix) Ingredients
    Mystification - Computers (The DJ Producer Remix) - Manticore Recordings.
    Mystification / Stormtrooper - Crackup VIP / Fear Your Future - Hardine
    Paul Blackout - NumberOneChampionSound / Die Motherfuckers Remixes - Hardline
    Shitmat - Our Fucking Jungle : Stage 2
    Bungle - Memories LP - Spearhead