New Release by Konfront Audio incl FREE Download by Seemz (T3K)

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    T3K gives out four heavy tracks by German newcomer
    Seemz. His style is nice and pumping and so you
    will see more from him in the very near future.
    His debut EP will appear in all major mp3 shops
    within the next weeks.
    Please also listen to the "Mean Machine EP"
    by Konfront Audio as well. It is hitting the
    all digital shops just about now.



    T3K Recordings is proud to present
    two bad boy brothers from Switzerland
    called Konfront Audio. If you dont
    know them by now, you will be impressed by
    production quality and creative output.
    Sims and Twist already signed on various
    imprints like Translation, Structured Music,
    Vampire Recordings. Additionally, they have
    a well established dj reputation and it
    seems they know what to do and how to
    tweak. This is high quality neurofunk!


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    I was just going to post about this. Konfront has recaptured the funk!