For Sale New Ram, Virus, Metalheadz Promos.

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    Hello all,

    Quick heads up that we have just listed are extra allocation of this weeks big Promos, and have re-ordered in some big bits from last week.

    Lenzman : Open Page / Coincidence : Metalheadz, METH084

    Culture Shock : Bad Red / Surprise : Ram Records, RAMM84

    Ed Rush & Optica l/ BTK & Prese : Get Ill (Prolix Remix) / 40 Channels Of Funk : Virus Recordings, VRS025,

    Camo and Krooked feat.Tali : History of the Future / Verve : Audio Porn, APORN009

    D*Minds - T-10 Remixes : D*Minds Gangster Step Remix / Original Sin VIP Remix : D Style, DSR023

    Ez Rollerz / Basher : Here I Am (Basher VIP) / Veteran : Mastermind, MMR002

    Visionary : Bad Man (Serum VIP) / (Stalefish VIP) : On Point, OP011

    Heist - Continental Drift EP : A. Continental Drift B. Nill By Mouth C. Over Again D. Captured : Metalheadz Platinum, METHPLA009

    Rockwell - Stowaway EP : a) stowaway dub, b) drums, c) snare drum awareness, d) molloch : Digital Soundboy Recordings, SBOY031 £9.99 SPECIAL OFFER.

    J Majik & Wickaman - Mosquito EP : A. Mosquito B. The Mine C. Rage D. Flatline : Mosquito Recordings MOSQUITO002 £9.99 SPECIAL OFFER.

    And quite a few more.

    You can purchase via our eBay shop or our Discogs page all via the homepage: