NEW RADIO SHOW!!!! Thursday's 3-6pm!! **THE QUIET STORM**

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    Dec 18, 2003
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    What up Jungle Massive!!!! This is LIFTED, Representing MOTIONS in the South East, USA... I just jumped onto the North Carolina DNB LIVE Train, with a new show that I'd like to call.... "THE QUIET STORM...". If you've been looking for something a little different from the mainstream, and you prefer your DnB to be a little more on the soulful side, then you should definately tune in every Thursday from 3-6pm to hear my smooth blend of vocal & melodic beats!!!

    Whether you're at work, or chillin' at the crib, show some love and tune in to NC DNB LIVE to get your afternoon GROOVE ON!!!
    If you're feelin' me, feel free to AIM to lifted2k4!

    Shout-Out's to all the MOTIONS Crew: GuyL, Gldfngr, & Kable!!!