new producer , want positive criticism and tips please

#1 well, ive started out, and the only way im gunna get better, is if i get criticised, i dont need all my friends just saying its great (y) , thats not going to get me anywhere, so can neutral people, tell me what ive done wrong and how to improve, make myself sound better, please dont just say, its shit, thats not helping me atall , i want to know why its shit, and what would make it better,
thank you

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Sure, hello.

There's a dedicated sub-forum for tunes and feedback though. But I'll listen to this.

Listening to headshot. The vocal is a good idea and grabs the interest nicely, BUT. The way it's cut doesn't appeal to me much, it also gets on my nerve for repeating the whole time. In the drop it works well. The drop is also otherwise good, I like the stuttering thing.

The bass starts very early if I consider mixing this, but that's not a big problem. The kick is panned strangely to the left, it really bothers on headphones as usually they're pretty much centered. I can see what you're doing with the bass sounds, but they're quite soft, you could do with some processing on them, like distortion, filtering, lfo's, bitcrushing, things like that. Beats are nothing amazing, but I guess they do their job. BTW the basses seem to be very loud in the mix, I'd turn them down a bit.