New Podcast feat exclusive tracks from Skynet, Digital, BCee, Duoscience......

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    OK Just finished recording the latest Hard Soul/Soul Trader Podcast featuring a lot of fresh music and few exclusives to the label, here is the track list:

    1. Buffalo Charge - Dub Phizix and Strategy (Senka Sonic)
    2. Food Chain - Audio (Ram Records)
    3. Mars (Skynet Remix) - Chewy Jetpack (Hard Soul Promo)
    4. Concussion - Noisia (Vision)
    5. Charriots - State of Mind and Chris SU (Unknown)
    6. Let it Hit Em - Optiv and BTK (Ram)
    7. Marka - Dub Phizix and Startegy (Exit Recordings)
    8. Meant to Be (Inside Info Remix) - Hybrid Minds (Spearhead Recordings)
    9. Tribes Man - Surplus (Hard Soul Promo)
    10. Switch 2 Suspense (Digital Remix) - Surplus and Scifa (Hard Soul Promo)
    11. Sub Type - Scifa (Hard Soul Promo)
    12. The Clock Ticks - Dub Phizix (Critical)
    13. The View - DRS feat LSB and Tyler Dayley (Soul:R)
    14. Resolution (BCee Remix) - AudioSketch (Soul Trader Promo)
    15. Sara’s Smile - Villem and McLeod (Spearhead Promo)
    16. Leave it All Behind - AudioSketch and Surplus (Soul Trader Promo)
    17. Chemistry - AudioSketch, Duoscience and Surplus (Soul Trader Promo)
    18. Into You - FD (Spearhead Records)
    19. Centrifuge VIP - Technicolour (Spearhead Promo)
    20. My Whole World (Duoscience Remix) - K-i (Soul Trader Promo)