New Pete Rann EP Purpose Tremors out now!!


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Purpose Tremors, the new EP from Pete Rann is out now and available buy from i-tunes, Beatport, Juno and all other good online stores. Please click the banner at the bottom to purchase.

After the success of the last EP Run don’t walk, Pete Rann is pleased to present his third release Purpose tremors on his label Pete Rann music. This four tracker consists of three Drum and Bass workouts ( including a remix ) and a Broken beat style number, further showcasing his unique take on dance music by way of deep synth driven sounds, epic breakdowns and atmopsheric soundscapes. This is a promo copy only and the full release will out in all good online digital stores very soon. We hope you enjoy the EP.

Track listing:

1. Purpose Tremor

Meaning: An involuntary trembling or quivering...

2. Tomorrow people

With a mystical Rhode tinged pad to kick start proceedings, some deep beats and flutes join in the action whereby the tomorrow people call silently in the background. The warm bass replies and drives the track along at pace accompanied by searing orchestral strings and some subtle synth layers. The track digresses slightly to gather breath but not for long. A menacing LFO synth riff emerges with organic flute sounds providing a far eastern undertone. Some more searing strings scream for presence during the breakdown whilst allowing the tomorrow people to call once again before the bass finally takes over.

3. Eschaton - Lost in Rio ( Pete Rann remix )

The track starts of with futuristic pads and quirky samples from the original track by Eschaton. Close to the drop Pete Rann stamps his trademark synth leads and pads followed by the introduction of a slightly darker edged bass line with a hint of warmth and LFO. The synth stab sound used at the intro comes in again and builds up nicely before the track changes direction with epic Rhodes sounds, almost disco style synth patches and a whispery vocal telling you there is `no way out`. When the exit to the breakdown is found, a collection of pads, atmopsheric soundscapes and glistening pianos awaits, before setting you free once again into the labyrinths of Rio.

4. Living world
A chance for Pete to showcase his diversity as an artist. Living world is a broken
beat style affair with it’s funky bass line and almost cuban/afrobeat sounding synth riff. A classic dance stab makes itself known until the drop, where some more synth riffs are added for good measure. The funky bass line kicks in and the classic dance stabs reappear to steer the tune along nicely. About half way through, some wicked techno type arps, house music style percussion and some choir like samples change the feel of the tune slightly until the breakdown is reached. Some Vangelis style strings add a soundtrack type feel then the tune finally rolls out with the funky bass once again.