New Pete Rann EP out now in all good stores!

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    Pete Rann presents his new multi genre EP `Run don`t walk`featuring the vocal talents of Jett from Florida, USA and Eschaton from the UK. Available to purchase in all good online stores including Beatport, i-tunes, Juno, Digital-tunes and many more. Get your running shoes on!


    A nice jazzy roller kick starts the intro to the EP. Some lush, deep Rhode licks along with some funky guitar samples and subtle vocal hooks sweeps the track along nicely to the drop where a change of hook begins, deep bass line introduced accented by some nice percussion sounds. From here, the track progressively builds along clasped by some flute samples, searing pads and a cool crisp synth riff propelling you to an epic breakdown with a nice vocoded voice asking you if it can give you
    `choice of words`.


    The first track on the EP to feature US vocalist Jett. The tune starts of with some wicked funky breaks and a gradual building jazzy style pad. A lovely summery guitar riff coupled with some awesome Rhodes stabs takes us to the drop. The analogue screaming bass line and the vocals takes over as Jett works her magic to give a full on nu jazz style workout. She takes pause while some foot tapping cowbells along with some excellent synth work supplied by Pete takes effect. Jett then stamps her mark once again by taking over the helm and finishing things of nicely.


    Anyone who is familiar with the Rann sound will instantly recognise the fat Detroit style pads, leads and fx in this one. A subtle spoken word vocal gives the track a nice push along and when the driving pulsating bass arrives underneath, it is then propelled down a supersonic highway briefly stopping to pick up a nice analogue arpeggiated style synth riff. The track then clears to allow a lovely deep, slightly dark pad take presence with a bit of dirty fx added in to spice things up and a bell style percussion sound ringing a sense of urgency. The break down is pure Pete Rann, listen to what it has to tell you.


    With an intro resembling an 70s movie soundtrack maybe, the underlying fx really gives the track energy and mood. Some fat breaks and equally fat analogue squelches keep the energy high octane. The drop introduces a deep flute and trumpet riff which calls for the deep down bass line which answers and drives the track along nicely. Some subtle rap hooks and synth patches keeps things rolling. In the second phase a nice distorted guitar riff and deep Detroit pad takes things deeper and allows the piece to evoke an almost soundtrack like feel.


    One for the old skool heads this one. Remixed by Eschaton, the original still unreleased. Chris has managed to retain the vibe and feel of the original but has introduced some of his own trademark synth sounds and arrangements. After a nice build consisting of LFO style riffs and evolving pads, the drop is one of epic proportions. When the track door finally opens, the underlying amen and bass line gives the tune the roll it needs and he keeps things both deep and emotional with gradual introduction of sounds from his own creations and the original samples.


    To close off the EP. Jett once again takes centre stage. A flickering guitar and detuned pad slides into a down tempo affair with lazy beats, wah wah style samples, deep pads and real bass. The first chorus introduces the detuned pad once again but coupled with a silky piano melody to great effect. The second verse is when the vocals really take off and from here, Jett takes over once again with some excellent lyrics and steers the track to where it needs to be. A moody LFO pad followed by a nice chord change with flute and orchestral pluck sounds offers the listener a sense of summer days, with the closing piano only adding to the moment.