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Hey guys,

I just dropped by cash converters and they re selling a set of KAM speakers with an amp, all brand new, for £189.

The speakers are 'ZP Series' 12 inch and the amp is KBA 12.

Just looked it up online and its roughly £130 for speakers and £155 for amp so a total of £285, so price-wise its a good deal.

My question is, do these speakers have enough bass to fulfil my needs? Are they good quality? I already have monitors so Im looking to set them up apart from each other in a medium size room (about 6m x 5m) with carpet (dunno if this is good or bad), I am not using them as monitors.

Right now Im using a 15 inch Intimidation speaker which has been through a lot and doenst sound that good anymore, so is it worth it to upgrade? New amp output is 300W so you guys reckon its worth it? Using an old Sony amp which was also picked up from cash converters from about 40 quid

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Dec 2, 2010
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They'll do you well for that price and that room size. Try and be cheeky and haggle em down a bit more. Turn up with the means to bring it home and say "I'll give you 150 right now mate".
Amount of times ive got away with it. People are always willing to let shit go for a little less if it means quick money.

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Sorry its a 600W amp, main thing is the bass, will it be duty? using they small(ish) speakers. i hope so, but im not sure
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