New original sin T-10 VIP + longer version of Therapy

Joey AdhD

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T-10, in my opinion a shit hot tune from the begining that didnt need a Dillinja RMX, a Clipz RMX or a OS RMX, non have topped the original....

and therapy is a beast, it will be bagged...


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Hmmm I'm not sure about that T-10 Remix

I'd like to think it's still in the early stages and he's still working on it becuase I feel the drop is a little bit lacking compared to what I know he CAN produce, and the tune just seems a little bit repetitive and all over the place, which also generally isn't the case with OS's work, usually his tunes have a really good defined structure to them which is never too repetative

Hopefully he can work on the remix a bit more and the final product will be a bit more polished, I do like the vibe and the bass sounds though, they suit his style

Therapy is wicked though, never fails to bring the energy in a dance

What set / event are these clips taken from? Pretty sure I've not heard this One Nation / Slammin Vinyl pack