new on here seeking advice

big la

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I been mixing since early 90s in to old school and d n b had a few years off mixing just started buying some vinyl again got me decs set up full time now took me a while to get beat matching ear back in .have only just learnt that should cut the bass play bout with eq never did b 4 some time think i am getting it right then other its shit should i b dropping bass on song coming in all together and cut midrange as well or . Plus ive seen to have lost ideas in wen best to bring tune in how long for etc i ant been to dnb night for years dont no songs like i use to am listening to stuff on u tube to try and catch up and help ideas on mixes b most helpfull cheers


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Erm, dunno whatever sounds best to you really?

Most people would bring the next tune in with the bass cut then add more bass as it gets closer to the drop while decreasing the bass of the tune currently playing.

Listen to some mixes in the Members Mixes section of this forum and try and hear how others do it. General rule is never play have two tunes playing with the bass fully up on both of them.