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    Dec 27, 2005
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    hello everyone... we've fashioned a site dedicated to the oldskool sound that covers 1992-1996. there's all types of media (loads of mixes--- good ones!), local scene breakdowns, label discog./scans, description / samples of breaks used in hardcore-jungle, a forum and lots more. we'd like the site to be 'interactive' --- junglists are asked to submit their own mixes, create a page dedicated to their local scene, post flyer scans or post essays that you written, interviews, articles, zine scans... anything, really! basically, we're trying to start a public library of oldskool hardcore-jungle that will increase the flow of music and information to junglists (veterans and the curious alike)

    NOTE--- THIS IS THE RE-LAUNCH! (improved) --- forum is open

    have a look around:

    thanks and much respect!!!