[New] Noisia & Foreign Beggars - "Flatlines"?

It's not working on my bastard laptop. I'll try again, cuz I love foreign beggars!!

I'm listening to them at the mo as it happens!

MENACING STUFF. Pretty sure it is Foriegn Beggars, at least one of them anyway...I could be wrong though...
well, it doesn't sound like orrifice volgatron (or however you spell his name) and I can't remember what the other one is called, so it may be him, but I'm pretty sure it's not volgatron.
Yeh, sounds like Metropolis from the Beggars, one of the best UK Hip Hop acts without a doubt.

I remember hearing them spit "Hold On" over Erb N Dub's remix of it somewhere, was sick.

And yeh, this track is raw.
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