new mixer needed! size matters!!


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Dec 19, 2008
need assistance..
i wanna bag me a new mixer
thing is it has to be the same size as the djm 600 because my deck stand has a flush fit to it and the hole for the mixer is exactley djm 600 size

anyone know any decent mixers apart from the pioneer that size ??
try the behringer djx700, nearly exact dimensions, and cheap as chips at around £160. its laid out nearly exact as the pioneer djm range, obviously the quality isnt as good but apparently their worth it
I sold my pioneer 2 round up desperatly needed £
I'm using my old beheinger, it looks ok has 1 broken chanel, I broken switch and the effects work only when they want 2, I'd only recomend getting one if u plan 2 mix for about a year! any longer and ur pushing it!
Check on all the manufactures websites mate they will have to dimensions.
What are you looking for though. Cheap or expensive.
I reackon the Allen and Heath 62 and 92 would fit (don't quote me though).
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