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Jul 16, 2003
New mix from me:

Excuse the guy talking every now and again, its taken from a show on a radio station in Manheim, Germany.

1. Who Run Tings (Jungle Mix) - Shy FX [Ebony Dub]
2. You Dont Know Who Made This - You Dont Need to Know [Radius Dub]
3. Signal - Fresh [Ram Promo]
4. Untitled - Vital Elements [Dub]
5. Romper Stomper - FX [Vision Beats Dub]
6. Mamba - DJ Nicol & Majistrate [Dub]
7. Ouch - Foxy & Distorted Minds [D-Style Dub]
8. Rah Remix - Shy FX [Ebony Dub]
9. Pink Shirt Poofter - DJ Nicol & Majistrate [Urban Takeover Dub]
10. Goofball - The Force [Dub]
11. Nubian Sundance - Ego Trippin' [Direct Promo]
12. High Note - DJ Nicol & Majistrate [Frequency Dub]
13. Silicon Implant - DJ Nicol & Majistrate [Urban Takeover Dub]
14. Bottoms Up! - Morphy [Dub]


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Jul 26, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Wish it was better quality than 32kbps mono :[

Good mix (some messy parts - Signal mixout was ???, but otherwise tight), lots and lots of bouncy jump-up type tings, but nothing really grabs me (except that Rah remix!!! Tuuuuuuune!!!). The bass tone in High Note sounds familiar ;]

Also, you don't have to label dubs and promos for us - we already know ;]


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Mar 4, 2002
DJ Nicol said:
New mix from me:
2. You Dont Know Who Made This - You Dont Need to Know [Radius Dub]

I disagree. :nurr_nur:

PS: I'd download this if the quality was higher. I like the idea of hearing MCing in Deutch.
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