new mix!!


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1. Brookes Brothers – Crackdown (Shockone Remix)
2. Subfocus – Timewarp VIP
3. Noisia – Façade VIP
4. Spinline – Run
5. Mindscape – Skid Row
6. Noisia – Diplodocus
7. Enei – Slow Motion
8. Phobia, Jubei & Sato – Atlas
9. Gridlok – Bottomfeeder (Gridlok Remix)
10. The Upbeats – Shatter
11. Noisia – Deception
12. Silent Witness & Break – ABTN
13. Spirit – All I Need (Anile Remix)
14. Stakka & Skynet – Decoy
15. Icicle – Spartan
16. Sidechain – Grotesque > Jubei ft D-bridge – Patience
17. Enei – One Chance
18. Icicle – Late Hours VIP
19. Logistics – Jungle Music
20. Stakka & Skynet (ft K-Tee) – So Confused
21. Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm (Seba Remix)
22. Lenzman ft Jo-S – Fade Away
23. Logistics – Together
24. Lenzman ft Riya – Open Page

not as good as the one in my sig i dont think... few im not too sure about.

I'd really appreciate some feedback. know what's shit & whats good :)


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is it honestly that hard to say whether its good or shit? this forums terrible for feedback of stufff
awe, diddums! :teeth:
i'll feedback for u.
had to skip straight to facade tho, i hate the first 2 tunes
run mixed in quite nicely, eq'd nicley (from what i can tell on these shit earphones) wicked transition too.
skid row was nice, the growly stab bit sounded quite loud in the mix and overpowered run a lil, a tad less mid would have made it sit just that bit nicer, but still a nice blend.
diplocdocus was good too, i liked how and when u introduced it, personally I would have made the switch when the bass changed and not later at the breakdown.
slow motion, didn't like to be honest. wasn't a horrible mix but it sounded like 2 tunes being played together and not a mix, if that makes sense. they didn't fuse together.
atlas, more like it man. i would have made the switch a lil early, when atlas builds up some more it doesn't sit in the mix aswell. dont be afraid to do short mixes. for me its the better they sound and the smoother the transition, not the length of the mix.
bottomfeeder, cool!
shatter good mix!
deception, loved the build up, not so much the drop, they almost go together perfectly, shatter needed to be less dominant imo
abtn, meh... ok
all i need, yeah ok, i wouldn't have kept the breakdown going on abtn, it didn't blend that well with all i needs breakdown and left me dissapointed coz i thought there was gonna be a double.
decoy, wasn't sure at first, but when the bass changed on decoy they sounded fat, was hoping they would have dropped together, im sure it would have sounded sweet!
spartan, wicked!! pads on the build up i didn't like but the drop was swish!
grotesque, yea ok.
patience, was ok, i'm wondering if they would have sounded better with the bass's the other way round.
one chance, came in a lil loud but still really good, again i would have cut the mix earlier when those amens on on chance came into play.
late hours, like how u brought it in, but wasn't feeling the mix. sorry!
jungle music, was ok, shame the blend ran into the breakdown of late hours.
so confused, sounded nice. i liked it when u switched the bass on jungle music at the end of the bar sequence.
overwhelm, yeah good.
fade away, was vibes!
together, good man, shame the vocals clash at the drop, maybe use a filter on one of them if ur mixer has got that function, just to make it that lil bit smoother.
open page, was ok, again shame the mix ran into the breakdown.

ok, lets sum up,
i enjoyed listening to this
the forums pretty good for feedback,
ur mixing is pretty cool, beatmatching is real good. i cant comment about what cd beatmatching is like, but i didn't hear any real problems. eq'ing is fine, bit less mid in some of ur mixes tho.
keep it up!


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Nice mix man, liked it a lot! Teddy is spot on again with the feedback, some big mixes in there.

I actually liked the Timewarp/Facade mix, big ups! (y)


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:) wikid mate thanks alot. quality feedback! really in depth. agree with everything everything you said tbh. there were bits i wasn't sure on and you picked up on the same ones. except i like the slow motion>diplodocus one haha.