New Mix(Soultec/Jrumhand/Msdos & More


Aug 1, 2010

1-Jrumhand - Steel & Glass
2- Intelligent Manners - Back 2 Love
3- Zero Gravity - Tribute
4- SoulTec & MSDOS - Sunday Club
5- Alexus - Supersmile
6- Random Movement - Believe No More(Lenzman remix)
7- Schematic - Memory
8- Jrumhand - Many Years From Now
9- Leon Ware - Rockin You Eternally (B-PRO Booty)
10- Bungle - Blue
11- Atlantic Connection - Soul Muziq (Gremlinz Remix)


Hmph..... silly...
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Mar 3, 2011
enjoyed it mate, only track i knew was the bungle one need to get that album for sure. some interesting bits in there, definitely feeling jrumhand's stuff right now he's got a lot of good material. mixing n all that was fine, sure it was more of a track showcase sort of thing rather than a double drop bonanza which works well for easy listening. class in terms of artist representation too they're talented bunch aren't they :) will look out for your next one
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