New mix for Danwell


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Jan 4, 2011

Tracklist in order this time! feedback appreciated. hope you enjoy it!
Noisia - Regurgitate
Current Value - Bruja
Basher - Xerox
Wilkinson - Pistol Whip
Alix perez - Down The Line (Break Remix)
Fresh - Signal
The Prototypes - Subterrestrial
Calyx & Teebee - Submerged (Break Remix)
Phace & Rockwell - Rat Race
Basher - Imperfections
Phace & Noisia - Floating Zero (Icicle Remix)
Enei - One Chance
Alix Perez - Exemption
Icicle - Minimal Funk
Spectrasoul - Absentis
Xtrah - Contortion
Ez bro! Listened to this straight away, had to wrap fooking presnts.

On the whole I was very impressed! The intro was disgusting, top marks for that. Especially for using not such a well known tune. Really worked well together!

Noisia - Regurgitate
Basher - Xerox

Worked well too, wasnt too keen on the Pistol Whip drop afterwards though, although it was perfectly in time it just seemed like there was too much going on for me.

Wilkinson - Pistol Whip
Alix perez - Down The Line (Break Remix)

Bought it back in nicely though! Wicked double and you got it in pretty quickly and neatly.

Very brave going for the Signal double! I think it worked though, slightly out of beat but I fucking hate mixing that tune haha. You corrected quickly though!
Rat Race >> Imperfections was wicked, again another hard one to double but you pulled it off!

Overall the mix had a solid vibe man, nicely moving in and out of subgenre's and tune selection was good. Good stuff, and very few slip ups.
Nice work! Will defo be checking the next one :)
You're best mix so far I reckon! There's only a few slip ups and they all get recovered pretty quickly so I'm expecting the next one to be perfect! The first few mixes + floating zero remix >>> one chance were the highlights for me, although that mix into one chance did slip a bit... but big tings to come from danwell!
If I ever get a proper set I'll get my mate David Rodigan on hosting duties
Nice mix man, good tune selection (other than the floating zero icicle remix, I expected so much from it and it let me down :( ) and solid mixing.

Wasn't such a fan of mnml funk into absentis, but the drums in absentis make it a bitch to mix with anything, the mix out was nice.

Good effort lad! Makes me wish I was at home with my decks :(
Noisia - Regurgitate
Current Value - Bruja - really good i thought, drop surprised me which is good. maybe a little bit more mid and a tad of bass from regurgitate to make it come through a little more imo.
Basher -Xerox- Tight mix, again could have done with a liiiitle more regurgitate possibly
Wilkinson - Pistol Whip - bit too much going on here personally, tunes are pretty similar, but mixing was good
Alix perez - Down The Line (Break Remix) - solid mix mate
Fresh - Signal - Sorted the slip quickly, fair play (y) personally i'd have tried bringing the vocals through on signal before the drop more - could barely here them and the drop came out the blue a bit for me - sorted quickly though
The Prototypes - Subterrestrial - cool little mix man, like the way you brought it in
Calyx & Teebee - Submerged (Break Remix) nice - maybe killing subterrestrial then bringing it back it would have added to the impact of the submerged drop but thats just my preference again..
Phace & Rockwell - Rat Race - tight once again mate, baby little slip after but sorted soall good. sounded tasty though
Basher - Imperfections - BIG mix sounded really nice - maybe a tiny tiny bit more bass on rat race to make it sound slightly fuller in the mix but otherwise top notch
Phace & Noisia - Floating Zero (Icicle Remix) - nice, dont really like this remix much, but sounded good together
Enei - One Chance - this was good, i hate one chance but sounded good with the remix, got the balance in the eqing a lot better on this one, both tunes were about as powerful as each other
Alix Perez - Exemption - tight again
Icicle - Minimal Funk - yeah this is big man, like the way the exemption sounded in this
Spectrasoul - Absentis - sounded a little off in the build up but you sorted for the drop and it sounded good, maybe a little more high on mnml funk to bring out those drums a bit more (imo)
Xtrah - Contortion - again nice little mix, brought the energy back up a bit too finish on which was nice (y)

overall a very good mix mate, some of the doubles were really good and your tune selection kept it interesting (especially the intro that was ace)
big up man, il be sure to check your future ones
Just listening now. Will try and edit as I go

Xerox is a fucking tune! Loved that mix in!

I'm quite stoned and trying to do work, so I've forgotten to post in here.

Good stuff dropping Signal and mixed nicely. It can be a proper bitch to get it right.

Not so sure about the One Chance mix, although I have trouble mixing that tune in general. I find I always have to try cut out everything but the vocals and try and work it from there, although I don't think I've had much success so far.

Good mix at 28 minutes. Great drums going on there!

I liked that mix with the Xtrah track. It was unexpected and worked well. Which is always good by me.

Good mix overall. I enjoyed that. Good selection and mixed well. Has definitely helped to get through this work. And you ended it by turning the deck off, which is always good. Ha!
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opening was quality, hadnt heard that current value track pretty big! agree with nuera, pistol whip drowned out pistol whip i thought, all rolling nicely tho. had to skip through subterrestrial sorry, not a fan! nice dd with submerged tho, would have been nice if subterrestrial was cut out at the drop to emphasise that mmm womp bit (you know what i mean haha), sounded good anyway. thought rat race was a little bit quiet when it first came in, like the way you cut out submerged for that strange vocal cut in rat race, niiiice! imperfections > floating zero was bigg, very nice. one chance rolled sweetly as well. really didnt think i'd like minimal funk > absentis but i thought it sounded pretty unique with the strange drum overlaps

sorry about my shit ramblings! but yeah solid stuff, good track selection and mixing was pretty smooth. impressive stuff man
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