Drum & Bass New miX!!! ///CollectiveONE\\\ - DisAssemble

Sorry this is the first attempt,and I thought it needed to be a little tighter,so I mixed it again and changed the tracklist a little here=ReAssembled= http://dnbforum.com/showthread.php/150763-New-quot-Half-time-quot-DnB-miX-DisAsemble-Hope-you-enjoy!!!

hopefully this is not too confusing:)

I originally wanted to do a "dungeon" sounding "half-step" DnB miX,but after putting the tracklist together It morphed into something more like a robotic-factory-dungeon sounding miX :)
Most of the tracks are of the half-step DnB style......
I hope you enjoy !!!!

-Getz + Diagram-Mutant
-Cursa-Deep Responce(Pessimist remix)
-Indigo-The Root
-Jubei(ft Flowdan)-Say Nothing-extended mix
-Spectralsoul-Organiser(Foreign Concept remix)
-Bredren(ft Beezy)-Pestilence
-Mortem-The Aspects
-Stray-The Pursuit
-Clarity-Off The Cuff
-DRS-Bun Ya(ft Dub Phizix,Strategy,Fox,Skittles,Chimpo,Konney Kon,T Man)
-Dub Phizix + Skeptical(ft T Man)-Run It Like The President
-Mtwn + Act One-Motoba
-Concealed Identity-Trouble
-DBR UK-Bushy
-Atmospherix-Full Force
-Displaced Paranormals-Delta Ops
-DBR UK + Bredren-Ruff Ride
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Liking the tracklist CollectiveOne! Its right up my street & as I have about a quarter of the tunes it would be rude not to have a listen.

Really enjoyed the intro. Getz' stuff is wicked & really forward thinking. That Pessimist rmx is pretty cool. I like a couple of his tunes, but more needs to see the light of day, especially those Ruffhouse bits. The atmosphere in the first part of the mix is quality. I'm still getting used to The Root, but its one of my favourite tunes atm. You mix it faultlessly. Not heard Breden - Eclipse before... am liking that :) Say Nothing - Organiser rmx was cool. Was interested to hear what those would sound like together, even if it was brief. Nice to hear Initialize again.... was going to pick that up, but then didn't feel too fond of it. The double drop of Phalanx & Pestilence was wicked. Not tried any double drops with Phalanx, but try mixing it through the intro with no beat... its quite interesting. Not heard Pestilence either & quite like that. The Pursuit - Off The Cuff was a quality mix, those two tunes have been favourites of mine from past months but not thought of trying them together. Bun Ya - Run It Like President merged nicely... but they both have Dub Phizix influences. Not heard any tunes in the last 22 mins before. Motoba has a filthy beat to it, pretty dark. The tribal vibes in Trouble & Bushy tied in well to the structure of the mix. Full Force is one of the most minimal tunes I've heard, then when Delta Ops came in, that bass tone really knocks the mood back in :) & really enjoyed the last couple of tunes. Quality selection & look forward to seeing any more mixes like this if you line any up. No blips in the entire mix that I heard. You should be really please with how it turned out man! Respect!

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Glad you enjoyed it brother-thanX for the really detailed feedback and kind wr:Ds
It was deff a fun miX to do
Nxt ONE is going to be a liquid/soulful mix,but after that I'm deff going to do more of this kind of sound;)
.....and thanX for the tip=really helpful
Much Love and respect

if your interested heres my sc account w 6 other mixes-All pretty different from each other,but all deeper DnB