DnB New mix celebrating 15 years of SAB festival is now up!


Oct 13, 2011
What's up guys! I've uploaded my new D&B mix on SoundCloud. You can check it out right here -

The mix is dedicated to 15 Years of Sun And Bass festival, which took place last September.

Also you will find my earlier mixes in different styles and other genres on the main profile page.

For those that prefer Mixcloud -



Fred V & Grafix - Hydra
Lynx - Clap Track
Whiney feat. Inja - Flashlight
Hugh Hardie feat. Silence Groove - City Soul
Aries, Random Movement & Bevan - Sundays
Q-Project - Nation 2 Nation
Kings Of The Rollers - Burnt Ends
Spirit - Interval
Break - Duck For Cover
Break - The Rush
Total Science, Quadrant & Iris - False Alarm
S.P.Y. - Rock Da House
SpectraSoul - Untitled Horn
Mark System - Manchester's Heart
LSB - Tripped
Bungle - Cocooned
DLR & Quadrant - Ghostfish
Quadrant & Iris - Depth Sounder
Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Dirty 78
Kiril - Royal Flush
Total Science & Nymfo - Forward Motion
Silence Groove - Mescaline
Phase - A Different Space
Shimon - Crystal Clear
Conscience - U Make Me Feel (HLZ Remix)

If you like my sounds, follow me on SoundCloud or 'Like' my artist page on Facebook - your support is much appreciated!

Cheers :)
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Dec 22, 2019
Is there anywhere I can obtain a copy of Mark System - Manchester's Heart. It seems like it's never going to get a proper release at this point...
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