::New Mix By WInterman:: [Hard Rok/Winter2003]


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A new mix by Winterman is now online@ http://www.winternett.com

Streaming or Download & Burn formats are both available there for free.

Please be patient if it does not download right away, a lot of people are streaming it and downloading at the moment. Tracklisting is as follows:

Track Listing For Winter 2003 Mix
[Hard Rok]
Mixed By Winterman 01.20.03

Photek - The Bleeps Tune
Artful Dodger - Ruffneck Sound[Dillinja Remix]
Danny C - Vivid
Digital - Deadline [4041 Remix]
Hive&Keaton - The Plague
DJ Zinc - Freenote
Dillinja - South Manz
Winterman - Jack Yo Body [VIP]
Digital&Spirit - Flash
AK 1200&Junior Reed - Juniors Tune [Digital Remix]
Spirit - Raygun [VIP]
Drumsound - Original BadBoy
Kryptic Minds - Morphology
Dom&Roland - Parasite
Tech Itch - Rukkus [Dkay VIP remix]
Dillinja - Live Or Die
Moorcheeba - Wandering [Winterman&DM Sine Remix]
Dom&Roland - Moulin Rogue
Soulja - That Amen Track
Winterman - Our Sound
Spirit - The Sphinx
Baby Namboos - Anacoats 2 Zambia[Dillinja Remix]

Length 75:09