New mix by me.... Got No Soul.........

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    May 10, 2009
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    First one ive recorded in a very long time - well, that i have been happy enough with to upload anyway!

    Bits and pieces ive been feelin over the last year or so and some older ones too, new vinyl are a rare treat these days .....

    Selection is what it is and i hope you enjoy it if you give it a listen

    All / any feedback would be much appreciated



    Calibre - Consulate Charm feat. Lariman
    Ant TC1 & Survival - Sleepless
    Noisia & Spor - Falling Through
    Subterra - Steppaholic
    Bulletproof, Teknik & Dose - Oddball
    Need to i.d this....
    A-Sides - One Dj
    Cern & Nymfo - Proton Pack
    Brockie & Ed Solo - Voices
    Dose - Say it Again
    >>> Die & Clipz - Black Doves
    Spirit - Eastern Promises
    Fierce, Break & Nico - Empire
    Siren - Control
    Fortress - Clockers
    Break - Late Drop
    Split Second - Tequila Sunset
    Silent Witness & Break - X Track
    Fourward - Red Rain Drops
    Fourward - White Noise Down
    Uman - Palm Trees
    Optiv - Flat Worm
    Muffler - Mind Games ( Dabs remix )
    Concord Dawn & Trei - By My Side

    DnBshare Link

    SoundCloud Link

    ..... on its way