New Ministry of Sound / Andy C Compilation


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Apr 8, 2002
Saw this in HMV yesterday, looks like it's deffo getting commercial in a poor way, the batty MoS have brought this out:


Few good tunes on there, but it's sadly lacking in the mixing dept, which is a shock, usual four/four style blend, nowt inspirational

Wounded :/
:cry: :cry: :cry:

Fuck Ministry of Sound bunch of jump on the band wagon bastids.

MOS r gonna be floated on the stock market in the Auturm, looks as though they is gonna b really pushing any new styles caus of shareholders.

I can remember this from a few years back with Gayrage music going commercial, and although dnb has been around a lot longer, and seen this manner of thing before, looks like it's gonna follow the same pattern.

Makes no odds to me personally, been into dance music in one way or another since I was a kid and seen this shit come and go.. Plus the fact the underground vibe will always be evolving and shaping the more commercial aspect of the scene.
I got a copy of it, and to be honest it doesn't even sound like Andy mixing. Sure, the quick mixing is there, but for some reason, the it doesn't seem like him.

Oh...and the songs on there just "happen" to be the most popular, and by the biggest selling artists...purely to get the compilation out.

The sampling of the Thugged Out Bitch lyrics throughout CD2 are the best thing about the entire CD.
Yeah, the mixing is shite, real shite. First heard that Thugged Out Bitch @ House of God at about 4am (wasn't pilling or on a coke fest officer ;) ) and was completely shocked at what a FUCKING TUNE!!!! it is... The sound system in there ain't great but in relation to the size of the room, and the amount of people (tiny room, loads of people) it sounded wicked..

Funny how that room always reeks of dirty skunk an all :)
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