New minimix


Oct 31, 2008
heres a new set from me, just small one, but i recorded it on goldwave and saved as an mp3 this time. And heres the tracklisting

Picto - music lover
Bad robot - Combustion (oil and gas)
marcus intalex and s.t files - outerspace
bad robot - nightman
roni size - 26 bass
brockie and ed solo - turntable 1 (bengal remix)
some white label (cant remember name, if u know what its called please let me know)
shimah - enter our world
J-majik & wickaman - fleshwound (g-dub remix)
darren b - danger
ez rollers - ready for love (clipz remix)
dj clipz - offline
dub control - drones

Any feedback appreciated, safe
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