New Member!!!

:wave: Hey Yall!!! Well I was raised in Atlanta, GA and have lived in Nashville, TN the last three years for college. I just moved to NEW YORK!! I am studying and doing an internship up here for the semester.

I was introduced to Drum and Bass music over the summer at various shows and music festivals such as Bonnaroo and Rothbury. Since then I have been itchin' for more!! I'm still pretty new to all this and would LOVE to know all ya got! As of right now I've got Bassnectar and Pretty Lights playing on my ipod, my myspace, and in my dreams!!

Let me know what's good so I can keep myself in the know and become and even bigger part of the dnb family... love love love it!

Also, I'm needing a show buddy, so if anyone lives in NY let me know the venues to go to to quench my dnb music thirst!!