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Nov 29, 2011
Easy all

1st post here so here´s a little bit about me : Began producing about 2 years ago, and began mixing around 1 year ago... Not got any particular stye of DnB i prefer, it generally depends on my mood and where I am. Based in Lancashire in a tiny ass town called colne where I help run a small but relatively popular night called Subversion, I also play weekly shows on /// Sundays 6-8pm w/ Budha & Mondays 10pm -11pm on the solo session.

Anyway heres my latest mix for anyone that fancies a listen, theres a download link in the description aswell. Any comments or feed back are greatly appreciated :D

Also my older mix and my very old productions can be found here

Big upz to all

Hi Akoma,

I'm certainly no long term veteran on this great forum, but please allow me to give you a couple bits of advice:

In the future, you should post your mixes here. The DJ's, MC's and Turntablism is more of a technical area as opposed to a mix post area.

Considering this is your first post, you'd probably receive an increased amount of feedback by rating other people's mixes and/or original productions in addition to contributing to the lot of discussions. Members are more inclined to listen to your work when they see you've contributed as opposed to just stopping in for feedback/review.

Ahhh shit my bad man, I shall re post over there and do some listening, I am looking to get involved man :)

Cheers for the advice
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