New Member Mix - "Maimusik"

Hi guys, I just signed up and I really would be keen to get some new input since I am pretty new to mixing and I don't really have a big community of d'n'b at home.. I'm quite aware of some week points of the mix, but sometimes you just have to put it online I guess to get some feeback and get forward :)

So just a few words about myself. I'm 25 years old, live in Germany and started mixing not even 2 years ago with some Denon device you had to attach to the laptop. I visited a good mate in Münster(ger) 14 month ago, he really is into vinyl (but rather dubtechno), I brought then my rather small collection. At that point my Denon device really didn't motivate me at all to keep mixing, I also bought an awefull lot of tunes online, but never mixed them really.. After the stay I decided to get things sorted out and bought 2 proper decks at ebay. Luckily I got an Ecler Mixer for the start for free from my mate in Münster. I had the oppertunity to play some vinyl sets on some 3 rather small locations in Germany but since my studies kept me busy for nearly half a year I unfortunately did't follow my passion.

Enough words, thanks a lot for reading, listening, replying...