New Member (Kinda New Producer) Needing help!


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Oct 25, 2015
Newcastle, England
Hey there everyone! I've been a lurker on these forums the last month or so and picked up some brilliant tips on here so ive decided to finally make an account and get really involved, seems like a good community to be involved with.

I've been producing about a year, and I mainly produce jump up dnb (annix, konichi, hedex, natural error) style stuff. (well i say that, but im having a horrible time designing my synth sounds lol) but i also like to do a bit of minimal and neuro too.

If anyone else who is into their jump up could give me some starting points on how to get these kind of squelchy stabby synth sounds, would be much appreciated! I use ableton and massive, also have access to the rest of komplete 10 from NI but have never really used any of them.
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