Drum & Bass New Member Here with a little mix i did!

Discussion in 'Members Mixes' started by EvenStash, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Jul 18, 2012
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    Hey, Im a new member, thought id share my mix with you all.

    Ive been DJing Drum and Bass for 13 years! Started on Technics and learned the hard way. I now use Traktor with Mixtrack pro on my Mac. (I am looking at getting a Kontrol S4).

    I do not prefer this method of mixing, its just convinient for me and my set up!! Plus i think you can do so much more with DnB in Traktor then people think!! You cant just Sync DnB its near on impossible with Traktor!! But anyway enough Rambling. I dont wanna start the whole CD vs Turntables Vs Laptop Dj Argument! Each to there own and i respect anyone who can beat match drum and bass properly! Sync Djs on the other hand get my back up!

    Anyway heres my mix i did a few months back!!! Im working on a new one at the moment!!!