New member from Copenhagen ! :)

Hi there. I'm ProjectRKA, but you can just call me RKA. All of my friends do that.
Mainly, I'm a hardstyle listener, been into that genre since 2006. Though, I do like me some dnb every now and then, which is why I signed up here.
But in general, I listen to everything... more or less.
I'm a brony, but I'm not one of those bronies who shove it down your throats and force you to check out the show... so don't expect me to brony up the place here ;)

In my freetime, which I have a lot of admittedly, I usually work on graphical designs. So I work with photoshop and AE a lot.
I'm also a hardstyle DJ and administrator of a hardstyle group called The Brethren of The Hard Side, where we play on a radio every second weekend if I remember correctly. :p

But yeah.... I think that's it for now. Got any questions, feel free to ask. :)
Looking forward to meet some of you guys.

Welcome to the forum, always nice to see people from Copenhagen on here! :D
Surprised to see Danes here... hahah. :p

Hey mate good to meet you!

Question: What's a Brony??? lol
A brony is basically a person who likes the tv show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and is part of the fandom. I've been part of the fandom since 2011 :)
I've always liked animation, so I checked out the show.... and well... guess I joined the fandom too :p

Thanks for the welcome, both of you. :)