new man on campus


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Dec 23, 2008
Yo! Just joined up because I saw DJHaze's post a few months back about his DJLab and wanted to get in on it if it was still up for grabs. Anyway, I'm pretty new to the dj scene though I have a friend who has been showing me the ropes on his rig, he's insisting that I invest in direct drive tables vice belt drives. He also said that for a beginner DJ, while I should spin what I like, it's good to start with House. I also found an awesome website (I'm not sure if we're allowed to post links) that does a good job of teaching you basics. I'm pretty excited to start mixing!


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Aug 27, 2008
;) welcome.
im thinkin of buying decks soon too, should be interestin!


CH3SH - Naphalm Audio
Dec 27, 2008
Bury St. Edmunds
Welcome to the slaughter house =]
Speaking of House,
Dont bother mixing it!!
If your true to your music, mix what YOU want,
Not what others suggest to you!!
Iv been mixing DnB 6yrs now,
and wouldnt dream of going away from it, lol
Go buy some limewax and current value!


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Dec 22, 2008
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