New Liquidy Type Track - Faqade - New Beginning


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Apr 28, 2007
nice tune man
drums sounding clean and cool, maybe needs a punchy snare
bass is safe but needs variation or another bass with just stab hits
more sounds piano, organ etc.......
do your thing man, thats just what i would do (wtf do i know)
keep up the good work bro (y)

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Apr 20, 2007
North Wales
I agree with you man, I was listening to it before and the drums do sound a bit weak when it drops, need to sort that out. I'll have another play around with it tomorrow. Thanks for the reply man!


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Jan 13, 2009
This is tight man... all the drum components really work well together and the vibe is very relaxed and chill. I like this... you know what though.. this track is calling for a really big string/orchestra section with a climaxing melody. Its like, I can hear this in a really good independent film that I haven't watched yet. Props man.
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