New liquid track

Needs more layering. Try some pads layered on top of each other, also possibly make the drums tighter/add elements. It also needs more variation (melodically).
No doubt, Akmusic is right, it's all set in place to be a really good track, just needs that melodic variation. Rep up for that.
When you listen to your track, try to count bars and work out if it's time to bring something new in or take something away. It's going to be down to your own creative flair on how you do this, but using filters seems to be typical of the genre. Don't forget that you can create space in your tunes, this is probably easier when you do have pads that can bridge you across gaps in drums and melody etc.


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Good effort. The panned bass effect is intriguing and probably most appropriate for the intro and break, but then needs to be solidified into mono during the main stretches, with perhaps a switch briefly/periodically. As others said, add another pad or lead element or two for some more texture. Maybe even play with the siren a bit more (panning, filtering and/or others). Probably don't want to get wild with any extras based on the vibe, but just some variety, space, etc.