New Liquid Funk


Gonna shmoke a bowl
Feb 29, 2008
safe ppl i jus finished a new tune this weekend called "When You Were Mine", please have a listen an tell me what you think. cheers :not_worth


Close your ears!
Jul 5, 2008
Nice ideas man, I like the synth that comes in after the vocals stop, sorta phase 2 of the first drop.

Could turn your vocals up a tad though. =]

Real nice sound bro. =]


Liquid Roller
Feb 10, 2009
Manchester, England
Absolutely cracking tune mate. I think the bass is a bit dull after a while with the 1/8 or whatever it is cutoff, I think it could do with being 1/4t, 1/4d or whatever it is... just so it LFOs in triplets, or make it a bit of a smoother effect, so it isn't so on/off. Or maybe compositionally it doesn't have to do that throughout the whole song or something. But other than that, it's really good. The vocals work well, the drums sound strong, it drops nicely, musically it's really good, I like the rhodes chords and things. Nice one!

Calmer skies is also a tune. Not listened to the others yet but I'm sure they're in the same boat.
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