New "Liquid Funk" miX 4 July-Hope U Dig the vibeZ!Much LoVe+Respect=ONE

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    This is the second "Liquid" mix installment from the summer of 2013.
    I tried to incorporate some of the funkiest tracks i have from my collection,while keeping most of them current.This is probably the most light-hearted mix i have ever done.
    I hope you dig the funky,sexy,soulful, vibes i tried to create w this mix.
    ONE LoVe

    1-Roygreen+Protone-Watch Me(ft Dorian)
    2-Random Movement-Down Somehow
    3-Savage Rehab,Saxxon-Rare Groove
    4-Dj Suv+Dj Die-Get on Down(Delayed mix)
    5-Big Bud-Lady Sings the Blues
    6-Random Movement-Boundary Lines
    7-Random Movement-She had Better days
    8-Random Movement-Domino Crude
    9-Sunny Crimea w Soul Fx-Shake It
    10-Pennygiles-Life Goes
    >Paul SG-Be Quiet
    12-Paul T,Paul SG-In the Jungle
    13-Sunny Crimea-Tonight
    14-Sunny Crimea-One Sunny Day
    15-Karma-Inside Your Soul
    16-Dynamic-Rock Your Soul
    17-Altitude-Early Days
    18-Furney-Singo Moto
    19-Dj Marky-A Disco Funk Organisation
    20-Soultec-A Need in Me
    21-Dynamic (ft mSdoS)-Highway Patrol
    23-Loz Conteras-Rocking You
    24-Intelligent Manners (ft Enei)-Midnight Runaway
    25-Random Movement-Alone This Way
    26-Unknown Artist-Liquid Love
    <3 <3 <3