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    Tongue Flap Records consists of 2 chaps from Bath willing to put in alot of work to get this label on the move.
    1st release is going to be on mp3 as we need to have a test run before we go and spend ££ on getting vinyl pressed up.

    Im looking for dark/electro/techy dnb. maybe something like fresh/subfocus/noisia as I dont think there is enough of it.

    I do have a producer who is going to give me some of his tunes, he is Exclusively signed to a label in London.
    Have to keep quiet for now tho as I dont want to upset anyone.

    Intead of putting in the cash for vinyl were going to spend it on promo at first just to get things moving.
    Were aiming to promote though places such as -

    Local record shops
    Djs who are playing out (already got a couple who are interested)
    myspace etc
    podcasts with 'guest' mixes
    you get the idea.

    2nd release will be on vinyl

    ikno people are saying 'there are too many labels and the music business is going down hill' well I couldnt rele care.
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