!new Label!new Style!new Tunes!


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This goes out to all that know about the return of the original style 'n' vibe!! And all that don't know get to know!

New breakbeat hardcore label being launched in the very near future!

Along the same lines as the warehouse wax releases (check www.backtotheoldskool.co.uk for all the info you need), gonna be mainly around the 145-155bpm mark.

Label name :
2Fresh Records

2Fresh 001 tracklisting :
AA : Show me the Future - Malice and Enzyme
AA1 : Bad Bwoy - Darkus and Tension
AA2 : '92 Crew - Enzyme

Hit the below link for clips of each tune :

More info such as website, release date etc. coming soon on backtotheoldskool.co.uk home page. Will keep you lot updated too!

Realise that this ain't gonna cater for a lot of the tastes on this forum, but all comments welcome... :crazy: