New Label : m-Atome recordings , info inside !


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Hello all !

We are very pleased to announce the relaunch of one of the first french drum n’ bass imprints ,m-Atome recordings,created back in 2000.After a series of several releases,5 singles,2 Eps and 2 mixed cds with the likes of Kantyze ,Le Lutin,Earsut,Chakal 900,Brusco,Mc Jamalski,Dresden Codex,Youthman & Sti among others,m-Atome recordings now opens up on the international drum n’ bass scene with fresh signings such as kiwi wonderboys D.Wolf & T.Snake (The Upbeats), french armada Kantyze ,Denmark’s finest Pyro ,Ayubi , Germany’s new-born talents Nphect & Dizplay ,and last but not least the (in)famous Bad Robot team.

The first offering to drop is a solid 12” combining deadly techfunk and heavy dancefloor energy with D.Wolf & T.Snake – Tech as funk, backed with Kantyze - Metallic Taste.The full release is scheduled for January 2006.
Lined up next is a full Nphect & Dizplay release with two gems in the names of Queen of night and El Gaucho ,unleashing dangerous futuristic vibes on both sides.
Pyro teamed up with Ayubi on the B side will step up next with another sonic onslaught:Netrunnerz,a relentless piece of demented tech, whereas
Chinese Vampires is a truely original track with epic beats delivering a unique atmosphere.

You can find all the info related to m-Atome on the Kantyze site,while the m-Atome site is being built.
A mix will be available soon !

Massive shouts to the m-Atome team ,to my Kantyze fellow mates,to all the artists involved,to Nu Urban Music for their help and for sorting out distribution,to Alban Chees for the Kantyze site,and to everyone else supporting us,you know who you are.


Igor & the m-Atome crew.