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Nov 15, 2003

visceral recordings is now officialy a go go

our first release goes to the duplicators 2 weeks on friday and will be distributed by our label itself im currently waiting to hear from 20 distributions as to wether they will take the label on for a more global distribution.
we are now looking for new artists to take into consideration for release, the styles we are looking for are to be hard dark tech, rythmical dancefloor tech and so on
the production must be tight as fuck and everything must be to such a high standard as we are only taking on tracks that will literaly blow us away after listening to for about 30 seconds
we are setting our standards high with this no weak material will even be considered.
i am currently in talks with several reasonibly well established djs to promote the material on the label by taking on promo releases to play at up and coming events.
as for advertisement we shall be setting up a banner campaign right here at drum n bass arena once the label is in full swing and shall also be advertising at many other well know sites, this will all take place once the distributions is decided and weverything is in place.
now what we need is artisits, we have a few inline that we are considering
but this is your chancce to get some material in to also be considered.
you can contact me at
that is also my aim handle and my msn handle so if you wish to transfer tracks thorough either of those means then please feel free to do so. keep in mind that low quality tracks wont even be listened to.

thanks ppl

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Jun 10, 2004
up my ass.
How do we know you have good marketing skills?

Can we be certain you'll make our music stand out boldy in the piles of wax already out there?

Any website?


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Feb 28, 2004
thanks for info, mate... :applause:
me crewmate produces under the moniker "SFR"...
his style is dancefloor techy type shit....
does some mild jump up as well...
will have him contact you okes...
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