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Battle Master

With every record comes good fortune...... Big Cat Japan and their long time Chinese indie punk rock label friends Strength Records in Shanghai recently formed a joint venture to introduce a new hardstep jungle label called Good Fortune Sound. These two innovative labels with several unforgettable anthems struck a deal to release a limited series of twelve high quality records by brand new unpressed debut artists (hence every record brings good fortune) and took on the challenge to introduce them to the world. If you miss out on Good Fortune, you miss out forever. The first records to be released under the Chinese zodiac based on specific animals and your year of birth. Each record will unfold a truth about yourself and maybe you will learn important thngs about your inner-self that other people see in you but you yourself may not realize yet...... hence the good fortune they bring, it's endless.

Every Record Brings Good Fortune:
Climbing the steps of the Freeburning Dojo, the Good Fortune owners presented worthy gifts from the far east China and Japan and requested permission from the Dojo Scientific to honor and not immitate the innovative N2O Soundklash Weapons scratch intros from the recent barrage of N2O releases..... approval was soon granted! Can you say O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L ? Each record will now include a powerful scratch fortune cut into the actual recording, some are easy to find others are a bit harder and you must look deeper within to hear the fortune. Use this fortune for good not evil because this label is a true blessing to the world of jungle and they come a long way from Shanghai to get to us exclusively at Freeburning. We are thankful that we can introduce them first and assist them in creating a truly worthwhile label instead of merely wasting vinyl. The good fortune concept of introducing talented unknown brand new artists to the world is hard work to be appreciated in these days of worthless "big-ups," "immitators in denial," and ever-so-tired "coming soon" empty promises.

The 12th Dynasty :
Good Fortune Sound being based on the 4000 year old Chinese zodiac, will press a massive twelve in their dynasty of releases as Good Fortune. We recommend collecting all twelve on virgin test press, if you are good enough. It has been for-told that the infamous 12 records will be available as soon as customs clears the shipments, we will encode and put them up on the Freeburning site as per their request. They want you to get them as soon as possible. The 12 records of 24 tunes all mix well together and the scratch fortunes will add extra fun to the mix as well as assisting you in mashing down the "me me me" mentality.

Good Fortune Sound::01
The Disciple
You Lost All Your L.A. Priviledges / Suicide Life (includes free
fortune scratch clip)

Good Fortune Sound::02
The Disciple
Cream in Your Eye / My Sound (includes free fortune scratch clip)

Good Fortune Sound::03
Chaos in Motion - Save Dem Breath
The Disciple - Jungle Music

Good Fortune Sound::04
Chaos in Motion
Turn Up Da' Sound / Ya Ya Ya Whoo-Ha

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