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    I have just founded new dnb and dubstep indie label called Esprit Records.

    6 dubplates (short clips) of the forthcoming new songs, more info about the label, music, drum'n'bass, dubstep, experimental, can be found on our new website:


    1st digital release:
    ESP001 - Wenca - My Dreamgirl (out 15th Feb 2008 )


    2nd digital release:
    ESP002 - Dirrrty B - Push It Higher\Things May Happen (Suddenly)(out 22nd Feb 2008 )


    3rd digital release:
    ESP003 - The Square - Let Me Go EP
    1.Let Me Go
    2.It Happen
    (out 29th Feb 2008 )


    All on sale on usual places like: /yousell (Chemical-Records/Yousell project is launching very soon)

    Next forthcoming releases will be from various European producers, e.g. dubstepper Marino69, dnb-metalhead Hemoglobin, label boss Zoom etc.

    download the MP3 preview at:

    or just listen on myspace:

    Peace, God bless!

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