New Label - Connected Audio

Oct 16, 2009
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Hello DnbForum! I'm proud to say that Everest and I have officially launched our own digital label. Connected Audio will focus on dancefloor friendly music whether it be jump up, liquid or anything in between. Check out our first release here:
Connected Audio is pleased to present its first of many epic releases. For the label’s debut Everest & Dead Cosmonaut deliver “Grease Monkey”, their wicked new anthem that is sure to blow your mind and ensnare your senses. Grease Monkey is pure jump up both in sound and structure, with a grimy bass line that is sure to get the crowd going and keep energy levels high. The B-side to this release is no less exciting. Once again the duo have joined forces and ramped it up with their new stepper, Engage. This jump up tune is a hard hitter, starting out with a dark intro that will take you into outer space until the bass line slams you back to reality. If you want to keep the crowed engaged, dropping this track into your mix is a must!

Also, we are accepting submissions for 2012 releases. If you like our sound and think we would like yours please send a 320 to or to our dropbox on soundcloud.
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