New label Concussion Records, first release by Kantyze & Bowsar

Concussion have been around for awhile now, I'm close friends with the owner! The label used to be digital only and it racked up releases from names like Hexus, CruK and HYQXYZ (I was supposed to release something back then but that never worked out..) but then the owner decided to remove everything from the label's Soundcloud in order to start over bigger and better. You can still find their old releases on sites like YouTube and what not.

Tl;dr, they have some pretty good releases in the near future. CNCSN002 is going to be a single from Nickbee and there is eventually going to be a Bowsar single with a Dose remix on the flip side. :)
Yeah i had a look into it, seen it had some digi releases in 2014. Figured it still warranted a post up and is relatively new