new L-plates siging on WTS radio 2day

yes yes,
the new L-plates signing Affray and Zyon bass will be appearing on Nolans show on WTS this afternoon, 4-6pm, this is not one to be missed TRUST ME!!


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so getlocked on,and in the chatroom,. for any quistions!!

a bit about the pair....

L-Plates' next release comes from Manchester’s Affray and Zyon Base (Joseph Wood and Daniel Blishen respectively). L-Plates is one of the labels within the Timeless Music Group alongside Function Recordings and the Timeless label itself.

‘Ceasefire’, a dub-driven jungle roller, was their debut studio collaboration and has been picked up alongside their more recent creation, ‘Visions’; a Gospel-inspired slice of deep, soulful drum and bass. Both tracks have received play across Europe from both Digital and also Longman and Bratwa - members of the Eastern European Tactile collective.

Adopting a strictly sample-led approach to production, Affray and Zyon Base have drawn on Dan’s background as a classically trained guitarist and Joseph’s training in dance music production. A wide variety of musical influences from Reggae through to Rock, Ambient and Hip-Hop have helped them to create tracks with a strong musical backbone, laden with atmosphere and energy.

Affray and Zyon Base have been busy of late working on new material both as a team and also on their own respective solo projects. Dan is nearing completion of the first year of a Music Technology Degree at Queens University in Belfast whilst Joseph continues to DJ and promote in Manchester where he has for four years run the hugely successful drum and bass event, Gutterfunk with DJ Poi (Gareth Morris) of

Audio snippets of both tracks coming soon.
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