New jump up tune from moi :D Dj Jammin - Bass invaders

Mr Fletch

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i can't be fucked with all that... whats wrong with downloading it :/
We have to wait 30 seconds to start downloading, then wait for the download to complete, then listen to it and it could be a pile of shit, so then we have to go into our hard drive and then delete it! Plus, for all we know you could've slapped a nice little trojan in there for good measure (I'm sure you havnt, but still).

With a soundcloud account (which you cant be fucked with), You get to put the wave of your track direct on this page so we dont even have to navigate away from these forums to listen to it, nor do we have to wait around. Trust me, you'll get alot more feedback if you do it this way.

But seeing as you cant be fucked.....I cant be fucked to continue giving you advice....


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i agree mate, definately get a soundcloud account. its a musicians best free promo tool.

Have a listen to the tune now. I like ur snare sound a lot. im not a huge fan of the synths you've used in the intro. ur parameter automation on the drums is on point. u drums really sound like an oldschool hazard sound. really impressed. ill be honest, im not to fond of the bass, not really my cup of tea but still is of very good quality. Production wise the tune is absolute quality, just not my cuppa.

But definately get a soundcloud account, especially if u dont wanna give away a 320 just to get some feedback


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shits free mate an uploading is quicker than on sendspace and u can make it downloadable aswell
but if i was u i wouldnt be givin way tunes for free like that unless u think there not worth sendin em off to labels?