New jump up track "Ecstacy" Feedback appreciated!


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Hello mate.
AS far as the theme goes, nice intro. A good depiction of ecstacy. Think the melodies and samples shoud perhaps start befor the drum track. Build up on the intro a little. Wicked drop mate. LOve the bassline. Think you might wanna adjust the notes a little to climb rather than drop at the end of the patterns. This will give a better sense of elevation. (only coz your tune is called ecstacy). Think the drums are a little shuffly and need a little more snap to the snare. The drums you have at current, i think will make for a good break in the tune. I liked the first bass patterns the most. If it was me, i wouldn't change them throughout the tune because they arnt boring. Just have breaks in the track where you can build up to another drop with the same bass.
Anyway, been far too opinionated on this one. Needless to say this is a wicked tune mate. BANGIN!
one synth is too loud.
you should do something with drums. one hihat don't match with other drums.
the bassline is very good.
basically nice tune.
some work and it's gonna rock