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New Member
Apr 7, 2003

It's not really my first choice of style, but I like it nevertheless! :)

Got some nice BC's torpedo-ish synthz, gonna listen to it again, nice !


d i o d e
Apr 21, 2003
Worcester, MA, USA
Listening now. i don't like the kick you used. Kinda weak. Panning and mix down is good. The synth line is a bit cheesy. ...
The scratch Effect is kool. I don't know but this is a bit to cheesey for my taste.
The bassline is nice but the synth is wack. i like the line that comes in again at around 2:40.

You should maybe lower the level on that main line.
Sound kool and around 3:50 before the synthline comes back in.

also the track sounds a bit to thin. If you have a master EQ to the entire track you should raise the mid frequencies. Not a alot but just for a thicker sound.

The bass sounds around pretty good.

This isn't really my cup of tea but its aight.

Alex A.
Diode USA
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